Since our study depends largely on the amount of employees we identify who meet the eligibility criteria of the various hiring incentives we secure as well as the amount of wages earned and hours worked by those employees, we limit any risk to the client through a minimal contingency fee percentage of the tax credits we generate that are USED by our clients to offset their tax liabilities.

Therefore, this fee is not determined or billed until the company's tax returns or filing statements have been filed in claiming the credits generated. For tax years in which refunds of prior taxes paid are available, we do not bill until the refund checks have been received by our clients.

We handle all areas with respect to hiring tax incentives within our contingency fee framework as part of our services. This includes regularly identifying and gathering substantiation needed in certifying employees that were hired who are determined to have met any of the qualifying criteria at their time of hire, calculating the tax credits available to the company on a timely basis needed for the filing of our clients tax returns/statements, and providing any representation services needed regarding the tax credits generated to federal, state or local agencies. Furthermore, we guarantee our fees with the sustainability of the tax credits generated.

Should your company prefer a different billing arrangement, we will work to find an alternative that will best satisfy its needs.

"At Marquez Business Incentives we treat every client with personal attention."
         -Joe Marquez, President

We will work with your business to efficiently maximize and secure the tax breaks you deserve in a method that is least disruptive to your business operations.

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